Hello Classmates!
It is with great joy that we welcome you to Oklahoma City for our 55th High School Class Reunion.

We and the Spring Fling team are planning a simple gathering of gratitude, hence, we are branding it “A Grateful Gathering.” Look how far the LORD has brought us...’through many dangers, toils and snares,’ we have been blessed to reach an age we couldn't even imagine on May 28, 1965. Many who started out with us didn't get to see 70, but by God’s grace, we are still here! The Spring Fling body voted to hold this reunion to celebrate this awesome blessing!

You can expect registration information to follow in a few weeks. Check our website for information and updates!




We are so happy to welcome you to our city!



Edward ”Drop” Marshall, Host

Frankye A. Sourie Johnson, Hostess