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Profile picture Frankye Johnson
Cruise for 65th Birthday
Hurry and get it planned, so I can pay my fare--I am ready!!!!
Profile picture Berta Norwood Re: Cruise for 65th Birthday
I am on board. Not crazy about 7 days but want the different ports.
Frankye you are doing an awesome job with the website.

I'm still on board. Let's do it. Still doing an awesome job Frankye.
Profile picture Marva Elliott Hill Re: Cruise for 65th Birthday
Frankye, WOW!!!! I have just finished reviewing the website - AWESOME girl ... we have set a standard and because of your diligence and brilliance - WE ALL SHINE! BRAVO! I retire 08/31/11 - i will be ready for the 65th Cruise and celebration! Keep us informed as i know you will. Image
Profile picture Charles Murrell Re: Cruise for 65th Birthday
I am "always" ready to cruise! Just give me the dates and port of departure - Ready!!